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Creating Games and Productivity apps


Collect as many same colored dots as you can. Grow your dots to

defend against different colored dots. If you touch a different color dot, you restart from the beginning.

LoopDev 2.png

Designed by Roman

LoopDev was created purely out of the love for value driven ideas that someday will be used in the real world. Too often, founders start a business with a big idea or develop new technology without considering whether it has a meaningful application and corresponds to real business opportunity. 


The products and services we build here at LoopDev will always be a direct representation of our personal moral values and beliefs and will never be compromised for maximizing company profits.


- Roman Puzhlyakov,

Co-Founder/ CEO  

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Developed by Philip

I often find the work of talented individuals to be inspiring, but it's truly admirable when people cooperate to build projects with great complexity. To begin with, the goals we aim to accomplish are primarily our own. But when people create something they truly enjoy, it naturally becomes admired by others.


On the journey to create a public product, our design becomes the space for function. Minor details are discussed and major factors are considered for days. Eventually what emerges is a result of the pursuit of perfection.

Being inspired by curiosity and encouraged by possibility, we create.


- Philip Modin,

Co-Founder/ CTO  

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